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Caftl A Content Aware Flash Translation Layer Enhancing The Lifespan Of Flash Memory Based Solid State

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Caftl A Content Aware Flash Translation Layer Enhancing The Lifespan Of Flash Memory Based Solid State

Caftl- A Content-Aware Flash Translation Layer Enhancing The Lifespan Of Flash Memory Based Solid State Caftl A Content-Aware Flash TranslationContent-Layer Enhancing The Lifespan Of flashMemory Based Solid State DrivesFAST 11Yongseok Oh ysoh uos ac krUniversity Of SeoulMobile Embedded System Laboratory 1IntroductionThe limited Lifespan is The Achilles hill Of Flash Memory basedSSDsNot-so-well-kno...

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2011 Nvmw Subblock Wear Leveling

Microsoft PowerPoint - 201103nvmwsubblockwearleveling-v2.ppt IBM Research ZurichMarch 6 2011Sub-block Wear-leveling for NAND FlashRoman Pletka Xiao-Yu Hu Ilias Iliadis Roy Cideciyan Theodore AntonakopoulosWork done in collaboration with University Of Patras2011 IBM CorporationOverviewMotivationExperimental results from SLC and MLC NAND Flash memoriesBlock vs Page RBERSub-block wear-leveling scheme...

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2012 Euc Skpark

MNK Con gurable Hybrid Flash Translation Layer for Multi-Channel SSD Gyudong Shim Sung Kyu Park and Kyu Ho ParkDepartment Of Electrical EngineeringKorea Advanced Institutue Of Science and Technology KAIST305-701 Guseong-dong Yuseong-gu Daejeon KoreaEmail gdshim skpark core kaist ac kr kpark ee kaist ac krAbstract For multi-channel Solid State Disks SSDs hybrid block that contains several pages The...

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Draft Hamilton Bmwg Ca Bench Meth 01

draft-hamilton-bmwg-ca-bench-meth-01 - Benchmarking Methodology for Content-Aware Network Devices Internet Engineering Task Force M HamiltonInternet-Draft BreakingPoint SystemsIntended status Informational July 9 2009Expires January 10 2010Benchmarking Methodology for Content-Aware Network Devicesdraft-hamilton-bmwg-ca-bench-meth-01Status Of this MemoThis Internet-Draft is submitted to IETF in ful...

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Context-Aware Address Translation for High Performance SMP Cluster System Context-Aware Address Translation for HighPerformance SMP Cluster SystemMoon-Sang Lee 1 Joonwon Lee 2 Seungryoul Maeng 3Digital Media R D Center Samsung Electronics Corporation416 Maetan-3Dong Yeongtong-Gu Suwon-City Gyeonggi-Do Republic Of Korea1sang0627 lee samsung comDivision Of Computer Science Korea Advanced Institute o...

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