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AMMUNITION documents

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Ammunition filesShotgun Ammunition

Microsoft Word - Shotgun Ammunition MATERIAL SAFETY Hornady Shotgun AmmunitionDATA SHEETMSDS REV DATE 11 8 12SECTION 1 PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATIONPRODUCT NAME Hornady Shotgun AmmunitionTRADE NAMES SST Shotgun Slug SST Lite 12 Gauge 00 Buckshot TAP FPD Buckshot Custom Buckshot VarmintExpress Buckshot TAP Light Magnum 00 Buck TAP Reduced Recoil 00 Buck Heavy Magnum Turkey Zombie Max HeavyMagn...

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Ammunition filesHsba Sudanese Ammunition

HSBA Sudanese Ammunition 10 November A Guide to Sudanese Ammunition 1954 present 1Sudanese Ammunition has been observed and collected in a number of Africancountries including South Sudan Chad Kenya C te d Ivoire Guinea and Mali Thedynamics of the trade in and transfer of Ammunition across the region are uncertainbut there is clear evidence gathered over the period 2007 11 that Sudaneseammunition ...

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Ammunition files2007 Position Lead Ammunition

Microsoft Word - The Peregrine Fund's Position on Lead Ammunition August 2007.doc The Peregrine FundWorld Center for Birds of PreyTHE PEREGRINE FUND S POSITION ON Ammunition USE AND LEAD EXPOSUREOF CONDORS IN ARIZONAAugust 2007The Peregrine Fund has been releasing California Condors into the wilds of northernArizona since 1996 in an effort to establish a self-sustaining population that contributes...

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Ammunition filesCaseless Ammunition Small Arms

Caseless Small Arms Ammunition The Good, The Bad, The Ugly Caseless Ammunition Small ArmsThe Good The Badand The UglyPresented byJim Schatzduring the2012 NDIA Joint Armaments ConferenceSeattle Washington1PurposeDiscuss the common misperceptions andperceived merits of caseless ammunitionfor use in rapid-fire military small armsLearn from past experiences in numerousUS and foreign efforts to crack t...

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Ammunition filesFirearms And Ammunition V1

Microsoft Word - Firearms and Ammunition.doc Firearms and AmmunitionIn order to bring your firearm into South Africa you will have to be issued with a temporaryimport export permit by the South African Police Services This process is cumbersomeand time-consuming so please pay attention to the requirements and deadlinesStep 1 Download the application for an import export permit SAPS 520Step 2 Compl...

sapsa.co.za/2009 Level 4/Downloads 2/FIREARMS AND AMMUN...MUNITION v1.pdf
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Ammunition files89b1 Ammunition Specialist

Military Title; Ammunition Specialist Military Title Apprenticeship Title89B1 Ammunition Specialist ONET 47-5031 00 Explosives Specialist89B2 Ammunition Specialist ONET 47-5031 00 Explosives Specialist89B3 Ammunition Specialist ONET 47-5031 00 Explosives Technician89B4 Ammunition Specialist ONET 47-5031 00 Explosives TechnicianONET is a tool used to crosswalk and identifies occupations matched to ...

msccn.org/VANationalGuard/docs/MOS/89B1 Ammunition Spec... Specialist.pdf
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Ammunition filesWhat Affects The Accuracy Of Ammunition

What affects the accuracy of Ammunition Answer There are numerous factors that can influence the accuracy of Ammunition butuniformity is the key word We are talking about the Ammunition itself and not any influencesof the firearm Listed below in descending order of importance are the items that the bench restshooters the all into one hole folks have identified as having an effect on accuracy Note ...

bulletinspector.com/Manuals/What affects the accuracy o... ammunition.pdf
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Ammunition filesExotic 12 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition Performance Summary

Exotic 12 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition Performance SummaryJohn ErvinApril 09 2013Bottom Line Up FrontWe tested a wide assortment of exotic Ammunition for the 12 Gauge Shotgun that wasmarketed as either producing exceptional terminal ballistic damage or yielding some kind of specialincendiary or foliage-penetrating effect when fired Our samples were produced by Fire QuestInternational and consisted of ...

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Ammunition filesWeapons Seized From George Athor And John Duit

Arms and Ammunition Tracing Desk Report Human Security Baseline Assessment HSBAfor Sudan and South SudanWeapons seized from the forces of George Athorand John DuitThis report documents weapons collected by the Sudan People s Liberation Army SPLA from the forcesof two non-state armed groups operating in South Sudan those of Major Generals George Athor Dengand John Duit Yiech It combines the results...

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Ammunition filesAmmunition Safety Management

Microsoft Word - Ammunition Safety Management.docx Ammunition Safety ManagementABOUT UNMAS AND Ammunition SAFETY MANAGEMENTInadequately managed conventional Ammunition stockpilesthreaten public safety and can pose a risk to both national andregional securityThe report of the Secretary General on Small Arms hasdocumented the problems associated with poor ammunitionmanagement and recognized the role...

mineaction.org/sites/default/files/documents/Ammunition... Management.pdf
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Ammunition filesNovel Ammo

Novel/New Small Arms Ammunition Novel New Small Arms AmmunitionInnovative Science Inc is in the process of developing a new type of centerfireammunition for small arms An initial production run of this Ammunition was maderecently and testing will begin in May 2008 This first production run was chambered in45-70 Government Figure 1 for the following reasons1 The 45-70 Government cartridge lends its...

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Ammunition filesM1 Ammo Safety Message

Microsoft Word - Ammunition Safety Message.docx June 2013Subject 30 Caliber Blank M1909- Ammunition Safety MessageAMMUNITION SAFETY MESSAGEA mishap occurred during the first week of May 2013 in which two M1 Garand Rifles blew apart Thisoccurred during the rendering of funeral honors at the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery As aresult of this mishap two American Legion Members received serious...

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Ammunition files139808

NSIAD-90-23 Defense Budget: Potential Reductions to DOD's Fiscal Year 1990 Ammunition Budget Ft0National Security andInternational Affairs DivisionIS-2 1 iO58October 23 1989The Ilonorable Daniel K InouyeChairman Subcommittee on DefenseCommittee on AppropriationsI Jnited States SenateThe IIonorablu John P MurthaChairman Subcommittee on DefenseCommittee on AppropriationsIIouse of HepresentativesAs y...

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Ammunition files2014 Production List To Send 4 9 14

2014 Hornady Bullets and Ammunition Production List Item Description Item Description6414 4 BUCKSHOT 240 DIAMETER 227926 22 CAL 224 75 GR A-MAX 6006400 00 BUCKSHOT 330 DIAMETER 2552 25 CAL 257 117 GR BTSP64000 000 BUCKSHOT 350 DIAMETER 25522 25 CAL 257 117 GR SST40000 10MM 400 155 GR XTP 25410 25 CAL 257 90 GR GMX400471 10MM 400 180 GR FMJ-FP 500 22721 270 CAL 277 110 GR V-MAX W C40042B 10MM 400 1...

hornady.com/assets/files/2014 Production List to send 4...send 4-9-14.pdf
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Ammunition filesMr1651

Rethinking Governance of the Army's Arsenals and Ammunition Plants Arroyo CenterRethinkingGovernance ofthe Army sArsenals andAmmunitionPlantsW Michael Hix Ellen M PintJohn R Bondanella Bruce HeldMichael V Hynes David Johnson Art PreglerMike Stollenwerk Jerry SollingerRPrepared for theUnited States ArmyApproved for public release distribution unlimitedThe research described in this report was spons...

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Ammunition filesFederal And Champion Youth Prepay Program 2011

Federal Premium Ammunition and Champion Youth Direct Pre-Paid Programs 2011 ATK Youth Direct Pre-Paid ProgramsMission Federal Premium Ammunition and Champion Traps and Targets offersthis direct-sale program to approved youth shooting sports programs in order topromote the recruitment and development of future hunters and target shootersWHO QUALIFIES Only approved youth educational programs These ...

4-hshootingsports.org/instructor_resources/Federal and ...rogram 2011.pdf
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Ammunition files2013 Spring Turkey Promo Sell Sheet Final

Winchester Ammunition and a Free ThermaCELLLeave nothing to chance this springseason Get a FREE ThermaCELLMosquito Repellent when youpurchase one box of Winchester XtendedRange Hi-Density turkey loads two boxesof Winchester Double X turkey loads ortwo boxes of Winchester Super-Xturkey loads Plus 3 95 forshipping and handlingButane cartridge not included Offer is valid on qualifyingpurchases made b...

acusport.com/Images/PDF/2013 Spring Turkey Promo Sell S...eet - FINAL.pdf
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Ammunition filesMusket Ammo How To

Article Musket Ammunition One Amateur s Guide to Rolling Your Own by 1st Sergeant MatSterman Company D Walton Guards 1st FloridaOne of the first things I learned when I started reenacting was that you couldn t drop by the localBass Pro and load up on musket Ammunition on the way to an event I was very fortunate tohave a mentor who provided his fresh fish recruit with sufficient Ammunition to see h...

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Ammunition filesApplication09frm

HOLSTON ARMY Ammunition PLANT HOLSTON ARMY Ammunition PLANT2009 DEER HUNT APPLICATIONHolston Army Ammunition Plant HSAAP will host the following deer hunts during the 2009 hunting seasonCode Type Date Quota Bag Limit01 Archery September 26 27 70 2 deer either sex02 Archery October 3 4 70 2 deer either sex03 Young Sportsman s Age 13-16 Shotgun Muzzleloader Oct 31 Nov 1 45 2 deer either sex04 Young ...

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Ammunition filesSite Map Longhorn Ammunition Plant

LONGHORN ARMY Ammunition PLANT,TX LONGHORN ARMY EPA REGION 6CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 01AMMUNITION Harrison CountyKarnackPLANTTEXASEPA ID TX6213820529Updated July 2004Site DescriptionLocation The site is located between State Highway 43 and Caddo Lake in KarnackHarrison County Texas which is approximately 14 miles northeast of MarshallTexas and approximately 40 miles northwest of Shreveport Louisiana...

caddolakedata.us/media/498/site map-longhorn ammunition...ition plant.pdf
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Ammunition filesFab Bjsapplicationsheet Hallam

Ammunition technology Die-Cutting and Adhesives Help Revolutionize Ammunitionfor Sport ShootersHallam Inc provides revolutionary cold tracer technology that allows sport shootersto improve their marksmanship on the fly and have more fun doing it Working withFabrico Hallam introduced its new Trajectory Identification Technology in an easy toapply format that appeals to recreational shootersCalled G...

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Ammunition filesAls 1053

Statement of Quantity and Description of Arms and Ammunition in Dealer's Possession (Pol.1053) FIREARMS AND Ammunition ORDINANCE CAP 238STATEMENT OF QUANTITY AND DESCRIPTIONOF ARMS AND Ammunition IN DEALER S POSSESSIONTo Commissioner of PoliceTake notice that the following arms Ammunition are in my possession as at date -Description of Arms Ammunition QuantityPistolRevolverRifleShotgunAir RifleAir...

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Ammunition filesUpc

ULTRAMAX Ammunition UPC CODE PRODUCT LIST MANUFACTURER ID NUMBER 755104PRODUCT CARTRIDGE DESCRIPTION BAR CODE380R3 115gr Round Nose Lead 38003-8380R2 95gr Full Metal Jacket 38002-19R1 125gr Round Nose Lead 00901-49R2 115gr Full Metal Jacket 00902-19R3 115gr Jacketed Hollow Point 00903-89R4 125gr Full Metal Jacket 00904-59R6 147gr Full Metal Jacket 00906-99R7 147gr Jacketed Hollow Point 00907-69R2L...

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Ammunition filesNtxammunition

Microsoft Word - NTX Ammunition MATERIAL SAFETY NTX AmmunitionCenterfire and RimfireDATA SHEETMSDS DATE 09 28 11SECTION 1 PRODUCT AND COMPANY IDENTIFICATIONPRODUCT NAME Hornady Ammunition loaded with NTX bullets centerfire and rimfireTRADE NAMES Varmint Express Varmint Express RimfireSYNONYMS Cartridges small arms ammunitionMANUFACTURER Hornady Manufacturing CompanyADDRESS 3625 W Old Potash HwyGra...

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Ammunition filesSupplying Ammunition

n such targets the destruction of which will lead to thedefeat of any enemy It is Ammunition that makes the military an instrument of warAs a result of Iraq and the Global War on Terror GWOT the defense industrial base in general andthe munitions industrial base in particular is being challenged to meet current and future requirementsPost-Cold War downsizing consolidation and disinvestment has lef

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Ammunition filesHsba Tracing Desk Gadet January 2012

Tracing Desk Gadet 13 January Further arms and Ammunition seized from Peter Gadet s forcesIn late April 2011 the Small Arms Survey viewed weapons in Bentiu that the SudanPeople s Liberation Army SPLA claimed to have captured from Gadet s forcesduring a battle in Mankien on 21 April 1 Soon after Gadet s forces launched a secondattack on Mankien and continued to clash with the SPLA throughout May In...

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Ammunition filesE194 1392 Ammunition Price List Revised

Microsoft Word Viewer - The Gun Shop Price List - Effective 4-1-2012-Revision 1.doc Effective April 1 2012MASTER AGREEMENTTHE GUN SHOPAMMUNITION PRICE LIST Revision 1 Corrected several typosNote Due to continuing Ammunition shortages call 609 859-1997 for delivery lead times priorto placing your ordersMFR CCI SPEERLine 100Description Ammunition CCI SPEER 380 CAILBER PISTOL 90 GR JHPGOLD DOT CCI380...

dps.dgs.virginia.gov/DPS/DownLoad/E194-1392 Ammunition ...t - Revised.pdf
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Ammunition files52c8f03bf155c Pdf

WWW IBISWORLD COM Guns Ammunition Manufacturing in the US October 2012 1 Bite the bullet Continued conflict will supportrevenue but subsiding fears will limit growthIBISWorld Industry Report 33299aGuns AmmunitionManufacturing in the USOctober 2012 Nima Samadi2 About this Industry 14 International Trade 32 Industry Assistance2 Industry Definition 16 Business Locations2 Main Activities 33 Key Statis...

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Ammunition filesRapport 2012 2

Ammunition controls the ATT and Africa challenges requirements and scope for action Ammunition controlsthe ATT and Africachallenges requirementsand scope for actionHolger Anders2012 2With the support ofGRIP s activities are financially supported bythe Ministry of the Region of Brussels-Capital ACTIRISthe Ministry of the French Communitythe Scientific Research Fund FNRSthe Luxembourg Ministry of Fo...

archive.grip.org/en/siteweb/images/RAPPORTS/2012/Rappor...port 2012-2.pdf
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Ammunition filesE 02 500 Ammo

GOE-02.500 FIREARMS: Ammunition CHANDLER POLICE OrderDEPARTMENT E02 FIREARMSSubject EffectiveGENERAL ORDERSServing with Courage Pride and Dedication500 Ammunition 08 10 12Summary This policy covers Ammunition for all firearms used in an enforcement capacityA POLICY1 3 9 1 OFFICERS ACTING IN A POLICE CAPACITY will carry only department-issued and approved Ammunition regardless of assignment to ensu...

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