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Battlescars filesD7 Ladies Beware Edigest

ut these seven highly inappropriate mate-types I imaginedthat this is the book Steven Covey might write if he were RoseanneBarrDouglas Bush DMD Chester NJIf you are looking for a guidebook to steer you through the minefield ofgames certain males play here it is Witty informative entertaining andin plain EnglishRae Irene Plick Writer Producer of EgomaniaThe author casts her scathing eye on the seve

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Battlescars filesCherie Workfolio

ep up in the style-stakes Cherie when areand chill you gonna ditch that iPod and get a REAL bike Verballyreduced to pocket-electronics my 650cc Versys whichMy achingly talented friends at creative agency Think Tank bears Battlescars from a 7000km ride through Thailand sreally know how to bait a girl Beautiful Machines is their northern wilds cringes apologetically in the corner If it aintlatest br

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Battlescars files210116 One

1 RunGallant ran gasping for breath heart pounding the echo of his footsteps reverberated behind himHe hoped to reach the bridge but hope is a fragile thingPeering over his shoulder into the dark he tripped on a protruding jagged beam one of the ship s many Battlescars As he crashed to the deck the final glow of emergency lights sputtered out leaving only the pitch blackof power failure his failur...

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Battlescars filesPublication

grade teacher Meg Kanne is already in Oregon where she will begin graduate studies this fallMeg will be replaced by Pamela Dowell whose four years of previous teaching experience will be brought tothis sixth grade position Middle and Upper School Spanish instruction will be assumed by Melissa Neelyreplacing Jennifer Hicks who has also returned to graduate school Our new librarian is Susan Fiedler

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Battlescars filesBattlescars

e eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you 2It cracked again as He pleaded that His suffering would not have to occur MyFather if it is possible may this cup be taken from me 3Did you catch the contradiction in those two statementsOn one hand Jesus earnestly desired for the day of his suffering to come On theother hand he wanted with every ounce of his being not to taste the bitter wine that

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Battlescars filesJuly 3

ir pyjamasUnfortunately for some teachers we were lucky enough Grandparents Morning Teato have a fire drill during the day The fireman One of the highlights of the term has been thewitnessed a very strange scene on their arrival Grandparents Morning Tea held last Friday with PrepThank you to all those who participated on the day we C L and Prep 1 Organised as a focus of the Letter of theraised aro

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