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Cell lineage and fate determination filesCell Lineage Topic Tree V1 3

The Human Cell Lineage Flagship Initiative Research Topics Version 1 31 Cell Lineage Research Applying Cell Lineage analysis to central openproblems in biology And medicine1 1 Development Growth1 1 1 Somitogenesis1 1 2 Morphogenesis1 1 3 Organogenesis1 2 Cell Regeneration1 3 Aging1 4 Organs And systems Development growth regeneration aging andpathology1 4 1 Heart1 4 2 Vascular System1 4 3 Respirat...

lineage-flagship.eu/uploads/file/Cell Lineage Topic Tre...c Tree V1_3.pdf
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Cell lineage and fate determination filesKopp Gastroen 2013

New Insights Into the Cell Lineage of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma: Evidence for Tumor Stem Cells in Premalignant Lesions? EDITORIAL1 602 613 New Insights Into the Cell Lineage of Pancreatic Ductal 624 635 Adenocarcinoma Evidence for Tumor Stem Cells in 646 657Premalignant Lesions 668 679 share molecular characteristics with embryonic pancreatic 6810 See Identi cation And manipulation of ...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files458 Full

Occurrence of Cytochrome b in B-Cell Lineage of Human Lymphocytes By Sonoko Kobayashi Shinobu Imajoh-Ohmi Michio Nakamura And Shiro KanegasakiCytochrome b 6 involved in superoxide generation in chrome b was not present on the surface of pre-pre Bphagocytes was found to be expressed on the Cell surface cells or pre-B cells but did appear at the early B-Cell stageof most normal peripheral B lymphocy...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesSingh Review 3

doi:10.1016/j.smim.2008.08.003 Seminars in Immunology 20 2008 228 235Contents lists available at ScienceDirectSeminars in Immunologyjournal homepage www elsevier com locate ysmimReviewGene regulatory networks directing myeloid And lymphoid Cell fateswithin the immune systemPeter Laslo 1 Jagan M R Pongubala 1 David W Lancki Harinder SinghHoward Hughes Medical Institute Department of Molecular Genet...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files948 Full

Scleraxis Is Required for Cell Lineage Differentiation And Extracellular Matrix Remodeling During Murine HeartValve Formation In VivoAgata K Levay Jacqueline D Peacock Yinhui Lu Manuel Koch Robert B Hinton JrKarl E Kadler Joy LincolnAbstract Heart valve structures derived from mesenchyme precursor cells are composed of differentiated Cell types andextracellular matrix arranged to facilitate valve ...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesCell Movement Pax6

13-MoodyCC3-5 Cell Cycle 3 5 564-566 May 2004 2004 Landes BioscienceExtra ViewsTo Differentiate or Not to DifferentiateRegulation of Cell Fate Decisions by Being in the Right Placeat the Right TimeSally A Moody ABSTRACTCorrespondence to Sally A Moody Department of Anatomy And Cell Biology The Cell Fate decisions are influenced by intrinsic factors expression of specific transcrip-George Washington...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesLavial 09 Dev Biol

Ectopic expression of Cvh (Chicken Vasa homologue) mediates the reprogramming of chicken embryonic stem cells to a germ Cell Fate Developmental Biology 330 2009 73 82Contents lists available at ScienceDirectDevelopmental Biologyj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e w w w e l s ev i e r c o m d eve l o p m e n t a l b i o l o g yEctopic expression of Cvh Chicken Vasa homologue mediates thereprogramming of ...

sbri.fr/files/publications/lavial ...09 dev biol.pdf
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Cell lineage and fate determination filesLaslocell2006

doi:10.1016/j.Cell.2006.06.052 Multilineage Transcriptional Primingand Determination of AlternateHematopoietic Cell FatesPeter Laslo 1 Chauncey J Spooner 1 4 Aryeh Warm ash 2 4 David W Lancki 1 4 Hyun-Jun Lee 1 5Roger Sciammas 1 Benjamin N Gantner 1 Aaron R Dinner 3 And Harinder Singh11Howard Hughes Medical Institute And Department of Molecular Genetics And Cell Biology The University of Chicago 9...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files0008 5472 Can 13 2466 Full

Cell Fate Factor DACH1 Represses YB-1-mediated Oncogenic Transcription And TranslationKongming Wu1 3 Ke Chen1 2 Chenguang Wang1 2 Xuanmao Jiao1 2 Liping Wang1 2 JieZhou1 2 Jing Wang1 2 Zhiping Li1 2 Sankar Addya1 Poul H Sorensen4 Michael P Lisanti2Andrew Quong1 2 Adam Ertel1 2 And Richard G Pestell1 21Department of Cancer Biology 2Kimmel Cancer Center Thomas Jefferson University BluemleLife Scienc...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesShen Et Al 2002 Asymmetric Numb Distribution Is Critical For Asymmetric Cell Division Of Mouse Cerebral Cortical Stem Cells And Neuroblasts Annotated

Numb And asymmetric division of CNS progenitors Development 129 4843-4853 2002 4843Printed in Great Britain The Company of Biologists Limited 2002DEV9840Asymmetric Numb distribution is critical for asymmetric Cell division ofmouse cerebral cortical stem cells And neuroblastsQin Shen1 Weimin Zhong2 Yuh Nung Jan3 And Sally Temple11Center for Neuropharmacology And Neuroscience Albany Medical College ...

icb.usp.br/~ireneyan/CursoPG/Aula3/Shen et al. - 2002 -...s-annotated.pdf
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Cell lineage and fate determination files20558 Full

Notch regulates Cell Fate And dendrite morphology of newborn neurons in the postnatal dentate gyrusJoshua J Breunig John Silbereis Flora M Vaccarino Nenad Sestan And Pasko RakicDepartment of Neurobiology Kavli Institute for Neuroscience And Child Study Center Yale University School of Medicine New Haven CT 06520Contributed by Pasko Rakic October 25 2007 sent for review September 15 2007The lifelon...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files2863 Full

Progressive restriction of cortical progenitor cells Development 127 2863-2872 2000 2863Printed in Great Britain The Company of Biologists Limited 2000DEV9710Progressive restriction in Fate potential by neural progenitors during cerebralcortical developmentAparna R Desai And Susan K McConnellDepartment of Biological Sciences Stanford University Stanford California 94305 USAAuthor for correspondenc...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesJ Neur'98 Two Phases Of Rod Photoreceptor Differ

The Journal of Neuroscience May 15 1998 18 10 3738 3748 Two Phases of Rod Photoreceptor Differentiation duringRat Retinal DevelopmentEric M Morrow Michael J Belliveau And Constance L CepkoDepartment of Genetics And Howard Hughes Medical Institute Harvard Medical School Boston Massachusetts 02115We have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the relative appeared approximately synchronous with later...

genepath.med.harvard.edu/~cepko/pdf/downloads/Journal o...ptor differ.pdf
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Cell lineage and fate determination files2004 Schmahl Fgf9 Function

Development ePress online publication date 30 June 2004 Research article 3627Fgf9 induces proliferation And nuclear localization of FGFR2 inSertoli precursors during male sex determinationJennifer Schmahl1 2 Yuna Kim1 Jennifer S Colvin3 David M Ornitz3 And Blanche Capel11Department of Cell Biology Duke University Durham NC 27710 USA2Division of Basic Sciences Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesBroadus Mechdev95

PII: 0925-4773(95)00454-8 ELSEVIER Mechanisms of Development 53 1995 393-402New neuroblast markers And the origin of the aCC pCC neuronsin the Drosophila central nervous systemJulie Broadusa James B Skeathb Eric P Spanab Torsten BossingcGerhard Technaw Chris Q Doe baNeuroscience Program Howard Hughes Medical Institute University of Illinois Urbana IL 61801 USAbDeParttnent of Cell And Structural Bi...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files4

8751dc22898-934 22CELL BIRTHLINEAGEAND DEATHCells being born in the developing cerebellum All nuclei arelabeled in red the green cells are dividing And migrating intointernal layers of the neural tissue Courtesy of Tal Raveh MatthewScott And Jane JohnsonDuring the evolution of multicellular organisms new while sending off leaves And branches to the side A Cell lineagemechanisms arose to diversify ...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files007831 Full

bioRxiv preprint first posted online August 11 2014 doi http dx doi org 10 1101 007831 The copyright holder for this preprint is the author funder All rights reserved No reuse allowed without permissionBranching And oscillations in the epigenetic landscape of Cell-Fate determinationAuthors Jomar Fajardo Rabajantea Ariel Lagdameo BabierraaaInstitute of Mathematical Sciences And Physics University o...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files40toscj

Microsoft Word - Plopper-MS.doc 40 The Open Stem Cell Journal 2009 1 40-53Open AccessMesenchymal Stem Cells Sense Three Dimensional Type I Collagenthrough Discoidin Domain Receptor 1A W Lund1 J P Stegemann2 And G E Plopper11Department of Biology Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy NY And 2Department of Biomedical EngineeringUniversity of Michigan Ann Arbor MI USAAbstract The extracellular matrix...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesKavaler Dev99

Role of D-Pax2 in sensory organ differentiation Development 126 2261-2272 1999 2261Printed in Great Britain The Company of Biologists Limited 1999DEV5303An essential role for the Drosophila Pax2 homolog in the differentiation ofadult sensory organsJoshua Kavaler1 Weimin Fu2 Hong Duan2 Markus Noll2 And James W Posakony11Department of Biology University of California San Diego 9500 Gilman Drive La J...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files264 Full

Instructing an Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Oocyte Fate: Lessons from Endogenous Oogenesis 0163-769X 09 20 00 0 Endocrine Reviews 30 3 264 283Printed in U S A Copyright 2009 by The Endocrine Societydoi 10 1210 er 2008-0034Instructing an Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived OocyteFate Lessons from Endogenous OogenesisCory R Nicholas Shawn L Chavez Valerie L Baker And Renee A Reijo PeraDepartment of Obstetric...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesStem Cell In Diabetes Mellitus Symposia Hw103 106

Closing the Loop – Towards an Artificial Pancreas – The Schneider Medical Center Experience Pancreatic transcription factors implications for diabetes therapyTali Avnit-Sagi Keren Bahar Revital Sharivkin Lia Kantorovitch Sara Weiss andMichael D WalkerDepartment of Biological Chemistry Weizmann Institute of Science RehovotBeta Cell replacement is one of the most promising approaches towards imp...

ies.org.il/abstracts09/Stem cell in Diabetes Mellitus s...a-HW103-106.pdf
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Cell lineage and fate determination filesShapiro Et Al Single Cell Ngs 2013

Single-Cell sequencing-based technologies will revolutionize whole-organism science Nature Reviews Genetics AOP published online 30 July 2013 doi 10 1038 nrg3542 REVIEWSA P P L I C AT I O N S O F N E X T- G E N E R AT I O N S E Q U E N C I N GSingle-Cell sequencing-basedtechnologies will revolutionizewhole-organism scienceEhud Shapiro1 2 Tamir Biezuner1 2 And Sten Linnarsson3Abstract The unabated ...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files0008 5472 Can 09 4701 Full

09-4701 1..12 Published OnlineFirst August 10 2010 DOI 10 1158 0008-5472 CAN-09-4701Published OnlineFirst on August 10 2010 as 10 1158 0008-5472 CAN-09-4701Molecular And Cellular PathobiologyCancerResearchCDX2 Regulates Multidrug Resistance 1 Gene Expression inMalignant Intestinal EpitheliumYuji Takakura1 Takao Hinoi2 Naohide Oue3 Tatsunari Sasada1 Yasuo Kawaguchi1Masazumi Okajima2 Aytekin Akyol4 ...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files288 Full

OncomiR155 targets SHIP1 to promote TNFdependent growth of B Cell lymphomas Research ArticleTNFa regulates onco-miR-155 in DLBCLOnco-miR-155 targets SHIP1 to promoteTNFa-dependent growth of B Cell lymphomasIrene M Pedersen1 Dennis Otero1 Elaine Kao1 Ana V Miletic2 Christoffer Hother3Elisabeth Ralfkiaer4 Robert C Rickert2 Kirsten Gronbaek3 Michael David1 5Keywords inflammation lymphoma Non-coding m...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesPerrimoncell

Cell Vol 86 513 516 August 23 1996 Copyright 1996 by Cell Press Serpentine Proteins MinireviewSlither into the Winglessand Hedgehog FieldsNorbert Perrimon clone 8 cells S2 cells are unresponsive to soluble WgHoward Hughes Medical Institute presumably because they do not express a Wg receptorDepartment of Genetics When Bhanot And colleagues 1996 transfect Dfz2 intoHarvard Medical School S2 cells wh...

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Cell lineage and fate determination files21354

6 Oligodendrocyte Fate Determination inHuman Embryonic Stem CellsSiddharth Gupta1 Angelo All1 4 And Candace Kerr2 31Department of Biomedical Engineering2Departmentof Obstetrics And Gynecology3Institute for Cell Engineering4Department of NeurologyJohns Hopkins University School of Medicine Baltimore MDUnited States of America1 IntroductionOligodendrocytes OL are cells of the glial Lineage which pla...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesLonza Manualsproductinstructions Cell Counting And Determination Of Viability Via Hemocytometer

Cell Counting And Determination of Viability via Hemocytometer Technical Reference GuideCell Counting And Determination of Viabilityvia HemocytometerThe hemocytometer is a device originally used to count blood cells Overview of Counting Cells via Hemocytometeras the name suggests It is now used to count other cells andmany types of microscopic particles It consists of a thick glass If necessary tr...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesFinalprogramme2009

final programme2009.doc TUESDAY OCTOBER 13 Scientific OrganizersNEW TECHNOLOGIES And QUANTITATIVEAPPROACHES TO STEM Cell BIOLOGY Christine MummeryChair S Filosa J Krijgsveld Department of Anatomy EmbryologyLeiden University Medical CenterLeiden The Netherlands9 00-9 15 Raimo Tanzi Applied BiosystemsWhole-transcriptome analysis of a single Cell with SOLiDnext generation sequencing technologyStefani...

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Cell lineage and fate determination filesAllen D 2001

Ataxia telangiectasia mutated is essential during adult neurogenesisDuane M Allen 1 6 Henriette van Praag 1 6 Jasodhara Ray 1 Zo Weaver 2 Christopher J Winrow 1Todd A Carter 1 Ray Braquet 3 Elizabeth Harrington 4 Thomas Ried 2 Kevin D Brown 3Fred H Gage 1 And Carrolee Barlow1 51The Salk Institute for Biological Studies Laboratory of Genetics La Jolla California 92037 USA 2Genetics DepartmentDivisi... D_2001.pdf
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Cell lineage and fate determination files6767 Full

09-4701 6767..6778 Molecular And Cellular PathobiologyCancerResearchCDX2 Regulates Multidrug Resistance 1 Gene Expression inMalignant Intestinal EpitheliumYuji Takakura1 Takao Hinoi2 Naohide Oue3 Tatsunari Sasada1 Yasuo Kawaguchi1Masazumi Okajima2 Aytekin Akyol4 Eric R Fearon4 Wataru Yasui3 And Hideki Ohdan1AbstractThe caudal-related homeobox transcription factor CDX2 has a key role in intestinal ...

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