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Dialogues In Cardiovascular Medicine - Vol 17 No 3 2012 Guest Editor - Kim A A FoxAtrial FibrillationCurrent ManagementInvited EditorialA great leap forward In the management of atrial fibrillation - F W A Verheugt 167Lead ArticleAtrial fibrillation current status and challenges - K A A Fox 171Expert Answers to Three Key QuestionsWhich drugs and devices can we use for protection againstthromboembo...

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Images In Cardiovascular Medicine Quadricuspid Aortic ValveEfrain Feliciano MD Eric Steinberg MD Itzhak Kronzon MDA fter a transient ischemic attack this 68-year-old patientwas referred for transesophageal echocardiography to lookfor a possible cardiac source of embolization There were noaortic valve Figure Doppler studies demonstrated minimalaortic regurgitation and no stenosis There was no evide...

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Microsoft Word - Cardiovascular Medicine Curriculum FINAL 040510 V0 22 SPECIALTY TRAINING CURRICULUMFORCARDIOVASCULAR MEDICINEFORMERLY CARDIOLOGYAUGUST 2010Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board5 St Andrews PlaceRegent s ParkLondon NW1 4LBTelephone 020 79351174Facsimile 020 7486 4160Email ptb jrcptb org ukWebsite www jrcptb org ukCardiology August 2010 Page 1 of 171Table of Contents1 In...

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The Modern Role of Beta-blockers In Cardiovascular Medicine pdf by J. Malcolm Cruickshank The Modern Role of Beta-blockers In Cardiovascular Medicine pdf byJ Malcolm CruickshankRaynaud s phenomenon unpleasant dreams hallucinations insomnia and why some reductionof beta blockers save lives In the evidence from more important secondary endpoint beta Thecardiac insufficiency bisoprolol effect on prim...

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