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Panxiety filesImfar Maddox 2011

nt tended to report more social anxiety and MASC Social Anxiety T-scoresLonelinessbthose with more self-reported social anxiety tended to report more loneliness Humiliation Rejection 60 09 15 09 37-81Implications are discussed Social 475 - 133 837Performance Fears 55 96 12 84 34-74 LonelinesscTotal 59 39 13 92 35-79INTRODUCTION Verbal IQ 93 96 12 10 73-121Verbal IQd 324 - 217 412 427Social anxiety

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DISPATCH Spring 2014 Dedicated to Serving Those Who Serve UsC A H P Credit Union Can Help Ease Debt-Related You Deserve a Break C A H Panxiety at Home and on the Job Credit Union Offers Low-StressHaving unstable finances can lead tocrippling stress at work and home TheOur financial program is not simply offering a laundry list oftheoretical ideas It provides resources to better understandLoans for...

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gestures p Communication aid p Vocalisation noises p Other You can help me understand what you are saying by tick where appropriatep Using short simple sentencesp Using pictures photos objects and gestures to show what you are talking aboutp Demonstrating what you are talking aboutHow I tell you if I m sore or hurt p I cannot call out if I need help My Information Booklet for My Hospital Admission

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