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SERMON SERIES 19S documents

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Sermon series 19s filesMovie Sermon Series Jan 2013

Faith Goes to the Movies An Epiphany Sermon Series This year s theme Arise Your Light Has ComeJesus and Prophets Helpers and LiberatorsBy Pastor Carol TomerDuring this four-week Sermon Series each Sermon will be based on both the appointed scripture textsfor the day listed here and the movie indicated here Here s a suggestion read the scripture texts forthe day before you view the movie It s a ver...

pilgrimstpaul.org/pdf/movie sermon seri...es Jan 2013.pdf
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Sermon series 19s filesMisc The Bible Miniseries Sermon Series

Sermon Outline Packet 5 Detailed and Matching Sermon Outlinesfor The Bible MiniseriesThe Bible is an epic five-week ten-hour television miniseries premiering March 3 2013 onthe History Channel from Emmy Award-winning husband and wife team Mark Burnett andRoma Downey For two hours each Sunday night millions of viewers will see the Bible cometo life in a way never before seen The final episode of th...

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Sermon series 19s files11 13 11 Battlefield Protection

Sermon Series Winning the Battle Part 3 Battlefield ProtectionPastor Dale Campfield - November 13th 2011IntroMatt 28 19 Go and make disciples of all nationsECC Process of Discipleship Making an IMPACT To Love To Grow To ServeWe have 3 priorities To love which is expressed in our Sunday morning celebration andconnection groups To grow which is expressed in our Path to Discipleship To serve whichis ...

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Sermon series 19s filesHbc May 25th 2014

HBC Sermon Series: How God Grows His Church Pt 5 God’s Justice Refines Us HBC Sermon Series How God Grows His Church Pt 5 God s Justice Refines UsThe prophet Micah writesFor God has shown you O mortal what is goodAnd what does the LORD require of youTo act justly and to love mercyand to walk humbly with your God 6 8 NIVOne professor described God s justice and God s love as two sides of the sam...

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Sermon series 19s filesSermon10707

The Apostles’ Creed Sermon Series: 5 1The Apostles Creed Sermon Series 5Suffered under Pontius Pilate was Crucified Died and was BuriedIsaiah 52 13 53 6 Mark 15 22-39October 7 2007I ve got the joy joy joy joy down in my heart down in my heart down in myheartEven though I am certainly no singer I wanted to begin with at least an attempt atsong because we come to perhaps the most difficult and at ...

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Sermon series 19s filesLol Love Out Loud Lesson 3 Explovesion

LOL Love Out Loud Sermon Series ExpLOVEsion People Who Love Out Loud Group Opener Choose a question for your group to discussLesson 3 1 John 3 16-18What is the best way for someone to express love to you through acts ofkindness gifts or words of affirmation ExplainIf you could remove all barriers financial physical etc and could express God slove to someone special what would you do to express His...

tlckuwait.com/files/LG lessons/LOL (Love Out Loud) - Le...ExpLOVEsion.pdf
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Sermon series 19s filesLol Love Out Loud Lesson 1 God's Extreme Love

LOL Love Out Loud Sermon Series God s Extreme Love Group Opener Choose a question for your group to discussLesson 1 Eph 3 14-19Have you done something fun and dangerous If you have what is itWould you like to do an extreme sport If you do name an extreme sport thatyou would like to do bungee jumping sky diving dirt boarding etc If notname the reason why you wouldn t want to do an extreme sportWors...

tlckuwait.com/files/LG lessons/LOL (Love Out Loud) - Le...xtreme Love.pdf
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Sermon series 19s files10 2 11 All U Need Is Love Pt 7 Speaks The Truth

Sermon Series All You Need is Love Part 7 - Love Speaks the TruthPastor Dale Campfield - October 2nd 2011IntroMatt 28 19 Go and make disciples of all nationsECC Process of Discipleship Making an IMPACT To Love To Grow To ServeWe have 3 priorities To love which is expressed in our Sunday morning celebration andconnection groups To grow which is expressed in our Path to Discipleship To serve whichis...

eastgatecommunitychurch.com/portals/28/docs/10.2.11 ALL...S THE TRUTH.pdf
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Sermon series 19s filesSmall Group Sermon Series Qs 1 19 14 For Web

January 19 2014 Deuteronomy 6 1-7 6 Turning to the text from Matthew consider the location of this narrative within Matthew s gospel i e what Small Group Sermon Series Discussion Guide Matthew 17 1-8 comes immediately before and after this text What significance can you ascribe to its locationBelow you will find questions for discussion with your small group related to this morn-ing s Sermon text ...

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Sermon series 19s files3 Forgive Easily

Live Like You re Dying Sermon Series 3 Forgive EasilyMarch 23 2014Rev Kory WilcoxsonI love Peter God bless his heart He tries so hard and yet he is so human Walking onwater one minute sinking like stone the next In today s passage I love how Peter offers what hefigures to be a pretty generous number of times to offer forgiveness Mr Brown-Noser tries toshow Jesus just how merciful he is by suggesti...

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Sermon series 19s filesBridge July 29 20121

10 45 A M WORSHIP July 29 2012 WHAT S HAPPENING AT FIRST CHRISTIAN Paul s next few Sermon Series - Ninth Sunday after PentecostEphesians Sermon SeriesSERVANTS IN WORSHIP For the next several weeks we will be looking into Paul s letter to theAnnouncer Mike Jackson JULY BIRTHDAYS Ephesians The Apostle Paul has a conversation with the Ephesians about whatGreeters Koinonia Class 6th Alan Derthick Gail...

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Sermon series 19s filesSermonlist

Sermon Series List Sermon Series List1 Thessalonians - Missions Commissioning5 22 2005 Jon Mountz Commissioning 1 Thessalonians Steve EstesService Paul s Ministry as Seen in1 Thessalonians7 24 2005 The Kummers Commissioning 1 Thessalonians Steve EstesService Paul s Ministry as Seen in1 Thessalonians Part II2 Chronicles11 22 1992 God Uses Rehoboam s Family 2 Chronicles 10 1- Steve Estes11 411 29 19...

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Sermon series 19s filesSmall Group Sermon Series Qs 12 8 13 For Web

December 8 2013 Luke 1 5-12 7 What evidence was Zechariah given that he could believe God s promise to him Why do you think he Small Group Sermon Series Discussion Guide doubted that evidenceBelow you will find questions for discussion with your small group related to this morn-ing s Sermon text If you need some assistance finding a small group that is a fit foryou the Small Group Ministry Team wo...

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Sermon series 19s filesActsseries2014sermon

Sermon Series in the Book of Acts Spirit-Church-World June 15 2014 Scripture reading Acts 2 36-47Sermon title Marks of the Spirit s PresenceIntroductionLast week we began our summer Sermon Series in the Book of Acts The Series titleSpirit-Church-World comes out of the theme verse captured in Acts 1 8 But you willreceive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you and you will be my witnesses in Jerusa...

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Sermon series 19s filesSermon Series August 2012 2

Father Dan Beeman Bread of Life Sermon Series part IIHoly TrinityI will never know how it was that one entire section of the kids at Vacation BibleSchool named themselves They had total freedom to name their own group and in someteam building exercise of grave importance they named themselves the Indecisive DolphinsI don t know why they decided to be Dolphins perhaps for their intelligence butappa...

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Sermon series 19s filesLiving As Royalty Sermon Series

Living as Royalty (Sermon Series) Living as RoyaltyLiving as Royalty 11 I wonder if you ve ever asked yourself or asked God for thatmatter - why Moses was raised in Pharaoh s house2 When we read the Book of Exodus we come to see that he wasborn to lead the Israelites out of slavery3 So Moses had to be raised in Pharaoh s house in order that hewould learn how to be a PRINCE and not have a slaves me...

4hiskingdom.com/4hiskingdom/Transcripts0_files/Living a...mon Series).pdf
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Sermon series 19s filesSermon Series Job Wheres God In Suffering Nl Part 1 Discussion Refection

Microsoft Word - Sermon Series JobWheres God In Suffering NL part 1 discussion & refection Sermon Series Job Where s God in SufferingSermon How Can The Good Suffer Part 1Job 1 1-22DiscoverThis past two weekends Sept 14th 21st NL ECC began a new Sermon Series on Jobentitled Where s God in Suffering addressing the difficult problem that has raised theage old question How do we reconcile the severe s...

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Sermon series 19s filesWhen Going Gets Tough

I PETER Sermon Series Message 2 WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH I Peter 1 vs.1-9 August 15,2010 AM.wps MESSAGE FOR SUNDAY MORNING AUGUST 15 2010MESSAGE 2 in I PETER Sermon Series Making The Best Out of The Worst of TimesCHRISTIAN HOPE CHURCH OF CHRIST PLYMOUTH NORTH CAROLINAby Reggie A Braziel MinisterWhen The Going Gets ToughMessage 2 in I Peter Sermon SeriesMaking The Best Out of The Worst of TimesScr...

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Sermon series 19s filesProphecy Of End Time

DANIEL Sermon Series MESSAGE 17 Prophecy of The End Time DANIEL 12 vs. 1-13 NKJV SEPTEMBER 9, 2012 AM .wps Message for THE LORD S DAY MORNING September 9 2012Message 17 in Daniel Sermon Series Back to The FutureChristian Hope Church of Christ Plymouth North Carolinaby Reggie A Braziel MinisterProphecy of The End TimeMessage 17 in Daniel Sermon SeriesDaniel 12 1-13Please turn with me in your Bi...

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Sermon series 19s filesPsalms For Summer Texts

PSALMS FOR THE SUMMER Sermon Series There is perhaps no literature sacred or secular that explores the heights and depths of the human experience morethan the Psalms The ecstasy of deliverance and freedom the sheer joy of gratitude the comfort of God s abidingpresence the pain and despair of persecution and death it is all covered in the longest book in the Bible In thePsalms for the Psummer sermo...

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Sermon series 19s filesSmall Group Sermon Series Qs For Web 9 22 13

September 22 2013 John 15 1-17 7 What truths about yourself or about life would you say Jesus has shown you Were they all welcome truths to Small Group Sermon Series Discussion Guide receiveBelow you will find questions for discussion with your small group related to thismorning s Sermon text If you need some assistance finding a small group that is a fit 8 Think of a time when you were reluctant ...

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Sermon series 19s filesHebrews 13 5 6 Marriage Sermon Series Num 6 Pdf Sec Id 180014767

1 INI October 27 2013Sermon preached by Pastor Stephen Kurtzahn at St John s Evangelical Lutheran ChurchFrontenac Minnesota and Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church West FlorenceMinnesota Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod WELS Please share this withsomeone else when you have finished Thank youHebrews 13 5-6 God has said Never will I leave you never will I forsake youSo we say with confidence Th...

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Sermon series 19s filesSermonseries2012

Sermon Series 2012 2#55CB5C.doc Sermon Series 2012 2014 The Gospel of LukeWere not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us Luke 24 3269 weeks average 16 verses per week total of 1151 verses in LukeDATE TEXT THEME 9AM 1030AM SPECIAL1 12 2 12 1 Adv Luke 1 1-25 A People Prepared for the Lord Buzz David Communion Salem Singers2 12 9 12 2 Adv Luk...

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Sermon series 19s filesQuestions For Autumn Sermon Seriesv1

Microsoft Word - Questions for Autumn Sermon Series.doc Questions for Sunday 25th September s sermon1 Why is maintaining a personal prayer life so hard for us2 Compare with others safe places and times and people3 Can the Acronym ACTS helpAdorationConfessionThanksgivingSupplication4 Look again at Psalm 86 what do you identify with5 If God gave you whatever you wanted what bearing or what impact wo...

ststephenchatham.org.uk/attachments/article/176/Questio...on seriesv1.pdf
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Sermon series 19s filesPraying For You Sermon

Microsoft Word - I'm Praying for You Sermon.docx Christian Cliches Sermon Series8 I m Praying for YouMarch 2 2014Rev Kory WilcoxsonToday we conclude our Sermon Series on Christian clich s During this Series we ve takena look at seven statements that Christians often say to see whether the sayings were theologicallysound and helpful to the intended recipient The statements we have examined are Ever...

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Sermon series 19s filesMicrosoft Word 10072012 Sermon

Microsoft Word - 10072012 Sermon.docx Holy Trinity Lutheran Church maniac Well you can certainly guess whatDes Moines WA that meansAs we continue our Sermon Series in theOctober 7 2012 book of James we need to discuss ego todayJames 4 7-12 James has much to say to the Christian abouthis ego his view of himself In fact James willLet Go of Ego tell us Let go of ego He will show us two1 The way we do...

htlc-wa.org/home/140004986/140004986/140047070/Microsof...2012 Sermon.pdf
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Sermon series 19s filesSermon Our Calling To Tell The Good News 2 Of Easter 1 May 2011

A Sermon by Canon Maggie Guite A Sermon by Canon Maggie Guite Before the Five Marks of Mission are listed on theAnglican Communion website there comes a very2 of Easter B 1st May 2011 important statement The mission of the Church is the missionJohn 20 19-31 of Christ or as it s put elsewhere Mission is primarilyGod s Mission It s rather wonderful that today the dayFirst in Series on Five Marks of ...

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Sermon series 19s filesChrists Passionate Prayers A Lenten Sermon Series1

Midweek Lenten Sermon Series Christ s Passionate Prayers Jesus was a man of prayer His mission on earth was immersed in prayer The season of Lent isa season for us to be in prayer conversing with our Father Saviour and Sanctifier1 Jesus Prayer for the Dead John 11 41-42As we begin the penitential season of Lent we are reminded that in the midst of death andsorrow our Lord grieves with us and assur...

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Sermon series 19s filesSermon Notes 1cor 7 8 24 39 40 Series Purity Sex And Marriage

Cedarview Alliance Church July 7 2013 Pastor Robin W Pifer II Marriage between Christians is Life Long 1Cor 7 10-11 2013 Theme Overflow - Spirit Empowered Daily LivingThese two verses represent the doctrine and position of marriageMini Sermon Series Purity Sex and MarriageMarriage is for better or worse for richer or poorer till deathMessage 16 Marriage Divorce and Healing 1Cor 7 8-24 39-40separat...

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Sermon series 19s files0e1169999 Love Costly With No Strings Attached Ln

URBAN LEGENDS Sermon Series LEADER NOTESSCRIPTURE ASSISTANCEJohn 13 34-35The distinguishing mark of Jesus disciples is love The newness of this command comesbecause of its depth and expanse Instead of the Mosaic command to love one s neighbor asoneself Lev 19 18 Jesus command goes farther teaching them to love one s enemiesMatt 5 43-48 even to the point of sacrifice and laying down one s life as J...

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