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The needlewoman files9fb1409c361292ae00afab7f962a50c8

Will of John Swymmer 1700 PCC Prob 11 456John Swymmer was The eldest son of William Swymmer a Bristol merchant and his wife Elizabethhe was baptised at The church of St Augustine The Less in Bristol on 14 November 1666 He marriedRebecca Merrett on 9 April 1696 at St Philip and St Jacobs Bristol The marriage seems to have beenchildless Rebecca was clearly a notable Needlewoman and must have brought...

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The needlewoman filesSeq 4

v A tm ittiiUmf-fixirp- mTHE HONOLULU REPDBLIGAN FRIDAY XOYEMBEB 16 1900vTlie- -1 lartin DVEITISEIERTS PACIFIC TRMSFER CLThe CQhitc goaseGeo CUSSFIEDPIN IKS P - - fZmfJ JLt smsami v Hit tptxsm 2JK ring St Vext to Bailey sCycleryROBOT GRIEVEIfl OUST DELEGATEFaskitiible Taller czUetoc nai rurrtam S ecsit FrhaeyrT 420 Fort Street33 emitfr Ear iw 3 esA SO crxU yr hat f WAGOXS DRAYS LUMICominnrd from T...

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The needlewoman filesSummer09 1 7

CP 1 to 3 .pub C OSTUME S OCIETY OF N OVA S COTIAT HE C LOTHES P RESSSUMMER 2009 N O 96M ESSAGE FROM The CHAIRCostume tells our stories This edition of The ClothesPress has some great stories to tell of impressive cos-tume creations and collections and The personal storiesof our members profiled here You may be discoveringmembers featured for The first time or learning some-thing new through their...

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6 TEC E OA lu IF OENIA FARMER permanently for some of The hardest ami The worstHygienic Receipts for Cooking SEED PLANTS o SEKD PLANTS ETCLadies Department help-rewarded workers In The land most of them raised Wk continue from The Laws of Life The Ueceiptsle single women a conditionpermanentlyabove Us present level let The fact be shown andfor making Bread cooking Vegetables making New York Seed W...

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The needlewoman filesCensus 1881 Kent

The Finnimore Files The 1881 census for England and WalesKentLast updated Tuesday August 16 2011Total number of people 24 Most common spelling FenamoreBromley - BeckenhamWEBB William Head Md 41 Metal Merchant Kennington SurreyWEBB Sarah Wife Md 45 Islington MiddlesexWEBB Sarah C Daughter Unm 9 Wimbledon SurreyWEBB Evelyn Mary Daughter Unm 3 Wimbledon SurreyBRAMLEY Amy Visitor Md 40 Solicitors Wife...

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The needlewoman filesAa Preston Web Site C1871 Census

T George Hd M 34 1836 Farmer 236a 3Mn 4Bys BedsPIGOTT Mary W M 34 1836 Herts Kings WldnPIGOTT Alfred G S 4 1866 Herts StandonPIGOTT Walter J S 2 1868 Herts StandonWARMAN Eliza Svt 16 1854 Dom Svt Herts StandonTemple DinsleyWEEKS John Hd M 62 1808 Rtd Builder ChelseaWEEKS Lucy W M 52 1818 LincolnDOYLE Sarah Sis M 50 1820 LincolnGAINSBOROUGH Rose Sis W 48 1822 LincolnWALKER Louisa Nce 23 1847 Lincol

prestonherts.co.uk/AA Preston Web Site C...1871 Census.pdf
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The needlewoman filesA Double Singleness Gender And The Writings Of Charles And Mary Lamb

A Double Singleness Gender and The Writings of Charles and Mary Lamb 1991 220 pages Jane Aaron 0198128908 9780198128908 Clarendon Press 1991Published 9th January 2009DOWNLOAD http bit ly 1Qvkadd http goo gl RTACs A Double Singleness Gender and The Writings of Charles and Mary LambIn 1796 when Mary Lamb in a sudden attack of violent frenzy killed her mother her brother Charles took hercare upon him...

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nd Genevieve Neves One of five sons and twodaughters Joseph immigrated to The United States and became a citizen in 1930 Hesettled in New Bedford and was The proprietor of Liberty Market on Dartmouth Street anearly self-service style grocery store It operated from 1935-1985 Antonio laterimmigrated to The United States arriving in Providence Rhode Island in 1934 Joseph swife Mary was born in 1903 a

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The needlewoman filesHawstead Census 1891

Hawstead Census 1891 for website.xlsx HAWSTEAD CENSUS 1891Year ofFamily Name Personal Name Relation Sex Condition Age Birth Occupation Where Born AddressBoore George Head M Married 27 1864 Insurance Agent Southwark London The PoundBoore Clara M Wife F Married 28 1863 Hawstead Suffolk The PoundBoore Ada V Daughter F 3 1888 Woodford Essex The PoundBoore George F Son M 1 1890 Forest Gate Essex The Po...

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